A Christmas Wish and Lots of Prayin’

I love watching old Christmas Movies in the mornings. Especially before Halloween, and before Work. But I had been putting off watching A Christmas Wish for the last three years, so why give in now? I have to say there was some curiosity, but not much expectation for this to actually be a good film….

The Great O’Malley

What better movie to post about on St. Patrick’s Day than Warner Brother’s 1937 movie starring Pat O’Brien part of the legendary Warner Brothers Irish Mafia. Pat O’Brian plays James Aloysius O’Malley an overzealous patrolman, a stickler for the law, that even threatens to arrest his own muther played by Mary Gordon for throwing bread…

Our Favorite Vintage Holiday Movie List

Need to take a break from the shopping or trying to figure out how to put together that toy? Click through the pin to our Classic Hollywood Holiday list, and tackle it with your best marker. There’s a lot of movies to watch between now and Christmas, better get started!

Favorite Classic Christmas Movies: Part Two

Rochellemariah is correct her Christmas movie list does not have the typical must-see films on it and neither does mine. MEET JOHN DOE (1941) Frank Capra hits the nail on the head with this Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck 1941 platitude ridden film. Every year by Thanksgiving we have had a whole year of doom, gloom…

Favorite Classic Christmas Movies: Part One

As I stare down a very long week of cooking and baking as my family prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday, with Black Friday close behind, a small cabin mini-break the weekend after and a mid-December vacation to get through ( not to mention the actual Christmas holiday and New Years plans at years end) all…

Patriotic Films from Classic Hollywood For Fourth of July

If you’re looking for a few old films to remind you of why you should be truly, truly grateful that you live in a free country this Independence Day, check out the films below. Happy Fourth of July. Pollyanna- Hayley Mills Yankee Doodle Dandee- James Cagney Pride of the Yankees Drums along the Mohawk- Henry…

Have a little Holiday Affair

“Anything Can Change a Life that’s Ready to be Changed”. This pearl of wisdom comes oddly from what I consider to be a second tier Christmas Film, starring Robert Mitchum. I never really had a Robert Mitchum phase, and actually tried to watch this movie a few times before. This time, however, was different. My…

Classic Holiday Movies from Classic Hollywood

No matter what cable provider/ Netflix/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ whatever you’re supporting this holiday season you’ll be sure to find classic holiday films in the lineup. If you need to make sure you’re not missing a favorite, double check our Holiday Movie Check List here:

How to Survive the Holidays Vintage Style

In case you haven’t been smitten by the world of Classic Hollywood yet there are really only a couple things we use to take care of ALL life’s trials and tribulations. From sickness, to breakups, to revenge, to an overabundance of family time here is our Classic Hollywood Guide to getting through it all. Cocktails Dose: With…

Veterans Day

So Proudly We Hail~1943 Paramount Studio Many Thanks from Classic Hollywood to all who have served or are currently serving!

The Thin Man ~ New Year’s Eve

What better way to end this noirish year than sitting back on New Year’s Eve and enjoying two of our favorite Dashiell Hammett characters Nick and Nora Charles. When ‘The Thin Man’ was made in 1934 Noir films hadn’t yet been labeled. However the James Wong Howe photography, the angles, shadows, lighting set the tone…


Merry Christmas from Classic Hollywood Project!

Lady on a Train

Nothing says Christmas to me more this year than the Deanna Durbin Christmas Noir movie Lady on a Train, directed in 1945 by French Director Charles David, Durbin’s future husband: December 21, 1950. The original story Lady on a Train was by Leslie Charteris author of ‘The Saint’ series of books. Lady on a Train…

Greed ~ Tis the Season

Ninety-seven year old Silent Film star ‘Baby Peggy’ Diana Serra Cary is in dire straits. The Silent Film Community has sent out a rallying ‘call for action’ to help this former pioneer of the Motion Picture business. The healthy but frail Ms. Carey has attempted for months to receive modest in-home non-medical care from the:…

Classic Hollywood Black Friday

While the whole of America starts shopping at 4pm on Thanksgiving Day, us lovers of Classic Hollywood forego the black Friday shopping craze and dive right into Christmas Movies. Thankfully since time moves forward.. the word “classic” starts to encompass more and more movies. Our classic hollywood holiday movie list includes everything up to the year…

Happy Classic Hollywood Harvest

With September bringing in all sorts of changes(leaves, fashion, school, etc.), we thought we’d revisit some of our favorite Hollywood Icons. We’ll bring fun facts and pics of Marilyn, Audrey, Cary, Paul… the whole gang. Wanna see your favorite Classic Hollywood Icon? Just let us know on facebook or twitter:)

Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: The Sound of Music

LIFE LESSON: Anything is Possible The Sound of Music: Once upon a time, a long time ago they used to play Sound of Music every year at Easter, or so my mom tells me. Why? Well apart from the skyrocketing family friendly t.v. ratings gained on yet another holiday where having the t.v. on is the best…


Memorial Day – Remembering the courage of those that didn’t make it home.

Happy New Year!

  Here’s hoping this will be the best Classic Hollywood year ever!        

Remembering Vintage Christmases

Happy Holiday to all of our Classic Hollywood followers especially our friends just a little south of the North Pole! Copy of Vintage style Christmas Postcard used by permission from Annichen Skåren of the: Al St.John Project Merry Christmas everyone!

Shopping Days

Oops make that 5 more shopping days! Take a break, watch Vera-Ellen in White Christmas to get in the mood for that last minute hectic Christmas shopping crunch.

Newhart Christmas

I know Newhart is slightly outside our usual Classic Hollywood year range, but I couldn’t help myself. It was old, and it was Christmas, so I used it. Newhart was one of those shows on nick at nite when I was in highschool, which I would watch after I got home from ski club- those…

Sharing Christmas

Alan Hale with his Christmas guests, Corporal Wilma Heller, Sergeant Johanna Anderson and Corporal Marguerite Swancutt