Oscar ~ America America

The only nominated film for Best Oscar in 1963 that I had seen at the local theatre was How the West Was Won and at the time I was very disappointed that this film featuring Debbie Reynolds, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Carroll Baker, and a cast of thousands did not win Best Picture. However fifty … Continue reading Oscar ~ America America

Oscar ~ Best Picture 1963

Frank Sinatra, introduced as a Producer/Director from Warner Brothers handed out the Oscar for the Best Picture, the nominees were: America America, Cleopatra, How the West Was Won, Lilies of the Field and Tom Jones. As Frank read the Best Picture nominee titles the picture of a fake movie marquee with the title of the … Continue reading Oscar ~ Best Picture 1963

Oscar ~ Best Actor 1963

Anne Bancroft the Best Actress for 1962 presented the Best Actor Award: The Best Actor nominees were: Albert Finney for Tom Jones, Richard Harris for This Sporting Life, Rex Harrison for Cleopatra, Paul Newman for Hud and Sidney Poitier for Lilies of the Field. Technically four of the five nominees were British. Sidney Poitier a … Continue reading Oscar ~ Best Actor 1963

Oscar ~ Best Actress 1963

Gregory Peck the Best Actor in the previous year presented the Best Actress Award. The Best Actress nominees for 1963 were: Leslie Caron for The L-Shaped Room, Shirley Maclaine for Irma La Douce, Rachel Roberts for This Sporting Life, Natalie Wood for Love with the Proper Stranger, and Patricia Neal for Hud. Three out of … Continue reading Oscar ~ Best Actress 1963

Oscar ~ Best Supporting Actor 1963

Patty Duke presented the Best Supporting Actor award .The Best Supporting Actor nominees for 1963 were: Nick Adams for Twilight of Honor, Bobby Darin for Captain Newman, M.D., Hugh Griffith for Tom Jones, John Huston for The Cardinal, and Melvyn Douglas for Hud. I love watching the Oscar clips from the classic Oscars, scouring the … Continue reading Oscar ~ Best Supporting Actor 1963

Oscar ~ Best Supporting Actress 1963

The five films nominated for Best Picture of 1963 were: (Color) Cleopatra-Walter Wanger, Producer U.S.; How the West Was Won-Bernard Smith, Producer U.S.; Tom Jones-Tony Richardson, Producer British. (B & W) Lilies of the Field-Ralph Nelson, Producer U.S.; America America-Elia Kazan, Producer U.S.(born in Turkey) Talk about a British Invasion, an International group of women … Continue reading Oscar ~ Best Supporting Actress 1963


If it isn’t one thing it is another, controversy seems to swirl around the ceremony. It’s either ‘Oscar so white’, ‘Oscar so right’ or ‘Performers so political’. This is also the time of year when TCM features 31 Days of Oscar movies. This year they are featuring Oscar winning or nominated film from A to … Continue reading Oscars

Top 5 Classic Hollywood Actors You Should Know

These are the men that defined Classic Hollywood and held roles in some of the most popular and influential films. Here you'll get classy, debonair, rugged, wholesome and manly. Cary Grant In 1933 Mae West saw Cary Grant and quickly thrust him into her latest film She Done Him Wrong. You will know Cary Grant, … Continue reading Top 5 Classic Hollywood Actors You Should Know

Mary Tyler Moore Modern Woman

December 29, 1936- January 25, 2017 : Mary Tyler Moore died today at 80 years old. The poster child for Independent, Modern Woman in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, her character dealt with being single, in her thirties, without children and working a 9-5 job long before it became the norm, though just as frowned … Continue reading Mary Tyler Moore Modern Woman

Kept Husbands in Forbidden Hollywood

If you want to see Joel McCrea at the beginning of his acting career get taken in by a sassy, well-trained Dorothy Mackaill be sure to watch Kept Husbands (1931). 4 Weeks. After meeting the steel boss and former football star Dick ( McCrea), spoiled rich girl Dorothy (Mackaill) lets her father know that she's only … Continue reading Kept Husbands in Forbidden Hollywood