Have a little Holiday Affair

robert mitchum and janet leigh holiday affiar christmas movie

Anything Can Change a Life that’s Ready to be Changed”.

This pearl of wisdom comes oddly from what I consider to be a second tier Christmas Film, starring Robert Mitchum. I never really had a Robert Mitchum phase, and actually tried to watch this movie a few times before.

This time, however, was different. My ears heard lots of fun and meaningful quotes that actually gave the film a little more meat than before. Who knew?

The mother says to her 6 year old son: “ Well aren’t you my fella?”

Her young son answers: “Well oh heck, I’ll be running out and getting married pretty soon.”

Quickly cutting that apron string, he is not beating around the bush here- Mom needs to get married.

Torn between two men( three if you count the deceased husband) Connie( Janet Leigh) has to choose between the safe, sure bet guy, knowing exactly what she’s in for, OR the guy, who she’s only known for 4 days that stirs something in her she didn’t even know was there! And I have to say I literally gasped when the underdog proposed to Connie in front of her whole family, and the boring fiancée.

If you’re looking for a fun Sunday afternoon holiday flick this is sure to please.

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