Christmas in Connecticut

There is nothing better than finishing up my must see Christmas movies list over the past Christmas weekend than watching Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwyck Warner Brothers 1945 version). I began the season with Christmas in Connecticut Dyan Cannon Turner Pictures 1992 version (Thanks Rochelle for the Birthday present). The 1992 update makes sense, the setting an award winning cooking show hosted by a chef that can’t cook but her assistant can, being romantically pursued by a boss on the make, being forced to do a live Christmas show at her pretend house with fake grandkids in Connecticut with guest host hero Park Ranger Kris Kristofferson to boost the shows television ratings. I had a difficult time though with Tony Curtis playing the Alexander Yardley part because every time I heard his name I kept envisioning Sidney Greenstreet. I had the same problem whenever I heard the name Jefferson Jones, Kris Kristofferson might have been on the screen but visions of Dennis Morgan danced in my head. However the most difficult character for me to overcome was Josie (Kelly Cinnante) the assistant’s character replacing S.Z. Sakall as the Felix character. There will never ever be another great character actor to equal the brilliance of S.Z. Sakall.
It was fun catching a glimpse of Director Arnold Schwarzenegger in a cameo scene towards the end of the movie. And like the original version craziness ensues for the last fifteen minutes of the film.

So on this eve of the New Year of 2019 we at Classic Hollywood wish our followers a very Happy Classic New Year!!!

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