Al St. John

TCM’s Star of the Month for April features Character Actors. I would like to give a shout out for my favorite Silent Era Character Actor… Cousin Al St. John. 100 years ago in 1917 cousin Al St. John starred or co-starred in 11 shorts, some with Paramount’s Famous Players ~ Lasky Corporation with his Uncle … Continue reading Al St. John

Happy Land

TCM's NOW PLAYING guide for April lists tonight as Frances Dee night. However the TCM website lists tonight as Faye Dunaway night and if you do a Happy Land search it lists May 17 as Frances Dee night, well whichever night this movie is premiered it is well worth watching. Rochellelynn this is not a … Continue reading Happy Land


If it isn’t one thing it is another, controversy seems to swirl around the ceremony. It’s either ‘Oscar so white’, ‘Oscar so right’ or ‘Performers so political’. This is also the time of year when TCM features 31 Days of Oscar movies. This year they are featuring Oscar winning or nominated film from A to … Continue reading Oscars

Kisses for my President

What better movie to talk about during Fictional Presidents day on TCM than the 1964 Warner Brothers comedy ‘Kisses for my President’? TCM is featuring the men. During our current strange campaign for president it seems appropriate to feature an obscure 52 year old movie that had the novel idea that a woman could be … Continue reading Kisses for my President

JEAN HARLOW ~ TCM Summer Under the Stars

Rochellemariah and I are suckers for Jean Harlow movies. My favorite Jean Harlow movies are Red Dust with Clark Gable and naturally Dinner at Eight with that MGM big guns ensemble cast. Rochellemariah, well she love, love, loves Personal Property with Robert Taylor and Libeled Lady with William Powell. Jean Harlow had that rare chemistry … Continue reading JEAN HARLOW ~ TCM Summer Under the Stars

LUCILLE BALL-TCM Summer Under the Stars

Lucille Ball used to be a favorite entertainer of mine. A former RKO/MGM Girl and President of Desilu Television Productions it was in this capacity that Lucy disappointed me. Allegedly ‘dumping’ RKO movies into Santa Monica Bay after purchasing RKO Studio’s in 1957. (Re: These Amazing Shadows-Special Features: Lost Forever). I’ve decided my favorite Lucille … Continue reading LUCILLE BALL-TCM Summer Under the Stars

Into the Dark: The Hidden World of Film Noir 1941-1950

Last year at this time was week 8 of TCM’s The Summer of Darkness which I had a fun time participating in. This year instead of a summer of Darkness Noir course we are treated to a keeper of a Noir book written by Mark A. Viera for TCM titled: Into the Dark-The Hidden World … Continue reading Into the Dark: The Hidden World of Film Noir 1941-1950

All Through the Night

There is a mystery to be solved and retired gangster, professional gambler Humphrey Bogart’s character Gloves Donahue had better solve it because when Ma ‘has a feelin’ Ma has a feelin’. Warner Brother’s 1942 film All Through the Night deals with: murder, German spies, fifth columnists and Sabotage. It also features some of Warner’s favorite … Continue reading All Through the Night

Pandora’s Box

OMGoodness…the German Cinema Weimar Era was pretty eye opening especially this G.W. Pabst version of Pandora’s Box, Sex, innuendo, manslaughter and murder are the bottom line in this 1929 German made silent movie featuring American born actress Louise Brooks. Again relying on DVD I am enjoying the Criterion Collection version of Pandora’s Box. Louise Brooks, … Continue reading Pandora’s Box


‘Gimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side, and don’t be stingy baby’ These were the first words spoken in the English version of the 1930 film Anna Christie by Swedish born Greta Garbo in a talking film. For TCM’s German Cinema in the Weimar Era theme I decided to borrow the DVD from my … Continue reading ANNA CHRISTIE