How to Survive the Holidays Vintage Style

In case you haven’t been smitten by the world of Classic Hollywood yet there are really only a couple things we use to take care of ALL life’s trials and tribulations.

From sickness, to breakups, to revenge, to an overabundance of family time here is our Classic Hollywood Guide to getting through it all.

Dose: With every meal Fast Acting: Yes

All you ever need is a drink. Mind you, this is the ” drink with someone around” philosophy. Unless you’re hoping to relive The Long Weekend, drinking alone is a bad idea and only done by the bad guys. What we often see is the hero scraping themselves from up off the floor and dragging themselves to the local pub. Sometimes they know people, sometimes not, either way it’s an option. Note: a lame drink is never acceptable. If it’s not a Moscow mule, Manhattan, gin shrub or some other lovely classic cocktail, you’re not giving it your all. A special coffee or virgin drink is also acceptable as long as there was effort put into it.


Dose: All Day Fast Acting: No

Whether you have the blues or the mean reds window shopping is an excellent remedy. Actual shopping may leave you worse off, so beware.  Pastries also help and do fall under the ” shopping ” category. This one can be done alone or with others.


Dose: Give it all you got Fast Acting: Immediate

No matter what the trouble both children and adults openly and unabashedly loved playing pretend ( The Major and the Minor), imagining a better life by crashing at someone else’s house( It Happened on 5th Avenue) and hoping for the best ( A Little Princess).

This one is perfect for those moments when you need to pretend your cooler than you are (reunions) or not annoyed by everyone around you (family gatherings).

This is also a favorite one because whether you were in the post depression slumps of the 30’s and 40’s or the post war slumps of the 40’s and 50’s you could do this one for free.

*Sit around with friends and imagine what its like to marry a millionaire/billionaire

*Hang out with the cute guy next door and imagine how your life can change if you believe Santa exists

*Everyone knows that people who fall in pools must be carried around by the cute reporter visiting your estate. It’s custom.

No matter what your remedy of choice you’re sure to find excellent solutions to every problem in almost all Classic Hollywood films. Got a problem and need a suggestion of what movie can help you fix it? Let us know.

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