Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: The Sound of Music

LIFE LESSON: Anything is Possible

The Sound of Music: Once upon a time, a long time ago they used to play Sound of Music every year at Easter, or so my mom tells me. Why? Well apart from the skyrocketing family friendly t.v. ratings gained on yet another holiday where having the t.v. on is the best idea ever, it was because its a movie about rebirth. About starting over. Since all of us live our lives starting over all the time, this alone is a valuable lesson to share. Yes, you can start over, Yes, things aren’t always as bad as you think. Yes, even a nun, previously wooed by Jesus, can find love. It’s a movie about possibilities. Kids need to know this stuff.

It’s also another opportunity to share the story of Nazi occupied Germany in a not horribly scary way. Also explaining what a baroness is , or a nun becomes much easier after this film. Seeing Julie Andrews in all her glory here is a must, especially as some children should know the do, re, mi song and will feel included singing along.



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