They All Kissed the Bride

Joan Crawford tends to be a little strong for my tastes. Thankfully,  Melvyn Douglas softens her up a bit in They All Kissed the Bride. But then maybe “soften” isn’t necessarily the word for it.

When trucking heiress, MJ  (Joan Crawford) takes over the family business with a vengeance she isn’t counting on a newspaper man to come and uproot her story.

Of course after her mother (Billie Burke) and soon-to-be-unhappily-married sister (Helen Parrish) have a little chat about going weak in the knees whenever the right man appears, MJ can’t seem to stay upright any time Michael Holmes ( Melvyn Douglas) enters the room.

Of course the witty banter could also be to blame.

“Don’t call me m’am!” ( MJ)
“I’d much rather call you baby” ( Holmes)

“What do you want?” ( MJ)
“What any man wants.”(Holmes)

Seriously folks, you couldn’t get away with writing lines this fun these days without turning a few heads.

As MJ attempts to manage, control and manipulate the situation before her, her body keeps betraying her desire to just be civil! Funnier still is MJ’s  complete inability to handle the situation at all.  And Holmes goes so far as to say she’s “afraid of men!”

And as any good old movie goes, there’s a little flirting, a little struggle, and she naturally finds herself in his pajamas the next morning. Of course as soon as this awkward situation is over, the relationship between them elevates considerably.  So familiar with her, Michael simply waltzes into her office and says ” Maggie don’t you ever have any clothes on? ” Flowers are sent, promises are suggested, and dinners are planned.

Truthfully, it’s such an endearing relationship to watch.

This film didn’t necessarily get the best reviews, which makes me wonder if it’s just my love for Melvyn Douglas that makes this flick so fun.

Needless to say, as all good romances go, there’s a big misunderstanding that ends up pulling these two would-be-lovers apart. And as all good romances go, one of them has to realize that they are going to have a listen and bend a little if they want to be happy.  Strangely it’s Billie Burke, MJ’s mother, that ends up helping fix the situation and gets these two back on track.  Add a few truckers who think they’ve been fired, an overzealous company man bent on catching offenders and a wayward brother-in-law who isn’t as rich as previously believed, and you have one fun slapstick film, that makes me wish Joan Crawford played in more rom coms like this.

Have you seen this one? Share your thoughts if ya got em!


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