Veterans Day

So Proudly We Hail~1943 Paramount Studio Many Thanks from Classic Hollywood to all who have served or are currently serving!

Joel McCrea

Joel McCrea November 5, 1905 ~ October 20, 1990 Ramrod(1947), Bird of Paradise(1932), Chance at Heaven(1933) Happy Birthday Joel!  

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake ~ I Married a Witch (1942)              

Happy Birthday Paulette Goddard

June 3, 1910 ~ April 23, 1990 Paulette Goddard Paulette Goddard was one of the first, what I considered “underground” actresses,  I had stumbled upon when I was younger. “Underground” because she wasn’t Marilyn, or Audrey, or Elizabeth. Of course then I found she was once married to Charlie Chaplin, and then she didn’t seem…