Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Bye Bye Birdie

LIFE LESSON: What is Love & Marriage Bye Bye Birdie: A must see for any tween or teen in your life. Yes, they will be texting through the entire thing but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Besides, sex kitten Ann Margaret can show them how to get the guy with more class than we see nowadays….

Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Wizard of Oz

LIFE LESSON: There’s No Place Like Home Wizard of Oz: The power of merging color film with black and white is pretty remarkable when it comes to how Hollywood has progressed over the years and could provide an excellent history lesson for your child, especially when you explain computers weren’t invented yet–they will be amazed….

Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: 101 Dalmations

LIFE LESSON: Be Resourceful. There’s always a way. 101 Dalmatians: This flick offers a perfect explanation for why dogs bark- at you, at other dogs, at cars. They are obviously crafting a rescue! This one will give your child the understanding about where fur coats come from, why women are sometimes called “crazy woman drivers”, and…

That Darn Cat

  If you haven’t watched the classic The Darn Cat (1965) lately, it’s about time you did that. It’s summery, fun and has lines that will make you miss the well written movies of old. In my search for all things beachy, I remembered that this flick had some lovely surfer references thanks to our clueless…