Jane Wyman

January 5, 1917 ~ September 10, 2007 Brother Rat (1938), The Doughgirls (1944), Pollyanna (1960) Happy Birthday Janie!

Joel McCrea

Joel McCrea November 5, 1905 ~ October 20, 1990 Ramrod(1947), Bird of Paradise(1932), Chance at Heaven(1933) Happy Birthday Joel!  

Leading Men: Errol Flynn

  June 20, 1909 ~  October 14, 1959                   Errol Flynn With films in Glorious Technicolor that boasted scores to accompany any Sunday afternoon, Errol Flynn did nothing better than gracing the screen in sprawling films that could take up hours. Dodge City is a classic Errol-Olivia film that boasts all the earmarks of the grand theater…