Lady on a Train

Nothing says Christmas to me more this year than the Deanna Durbin Christmas Noir movie Lady on a Train, directed in 1945 by French Director Charles David, Durbin’s future husband: December 21, 1950. The original story Lady on a Train was by Leslie Charteris author of ‘The Saint’ series of books. Lady on a Train…

Fanny and Alexander

Take a visual break. Now that all of the preparation, planning and organizing the perfect family Christmas get together is over. Sit in that comfy recliner, kick back and travel back in time (even though you have to read sub-titles) to watch Fanny and Alexander’s best Christmas which would end up being their worst Christmas….

Shopping Days

Oops make that 5 more shopping days! Take a break, watch Vera-Ellen in White Christmas to get in the mood for that last minute hectic Christmas shopping crunch.

Newhart Christmas

I know Newhart is slightly outside our usual Classic Hollywood year range, but I couldn’t help myself. It was old, and it was Christmas, so I used it. Newhart was one of those shows on nick at nite when I was in highschool, which I would watch after I got home from ski club- those…

Sharing Christmas

Alan Hale with his Christmas guests, Corporal Wilma Heller, Sergeant Johanna Anderson and Corporal Marguerite Swancutt