Classic Hollywood Black Friday

While the whole of America starts shopping at 4pm on Thanksgiving Day, us lovers of Classic Hollywood forego the black Friday shopping craze and dive right into Christmas Movies. Thankfully since time moves forward.. the word “classic” starts to encompass more and more movies. Our classic hollywood holiday movie list includes everything up to the year…

Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Babes in Toyland

LIFE LESSON: Never Settle Babes in Toyland : A classic fairytale wonderland sets the stage for true love to be battered about a bit before we believe it’s actually possible again. Catching a lucky break by not being thrown into the sea by Barnaby’s henchman Tom comes back as a gypsy woman in order to save his…

Happy New Year!

  Here’s hoping this will be the best Classic Hollywood year ever!        

Fanny and Alexander

Take a visual break. Now that all of the preparation, planning and organizing the perfect family Christmas get together is over. Sit in that comfy recliner, kick back and travel back in time (even though you have to read sub-titles) to watch Fanny and Alexander’s best Christmas which would end up being their worst Christmas….

Remembering Vintage Christmases

Happy Holiday to all of our Classic Hollywood followers especially our friends just a little south of the North Pole! Copy of Vintage style Christmas Postcard used by permission from Annichen Skåren of the: Al St.John Project Merry Christmas everyone!