Have a little Holiday Affair

“Anything Can Change a Life that’s Ready to be Changed”. This pearl of wisdom comes oddly from what I consider to be a second tier Christmas Film, starring Robert Mitchum. I never really had a Robert Mitchum phase, and actually tried to watch this movie a few times before. This time, however, was different. My…


Merry Christmas from Classic Hollywood Project!

Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Babes in Toyland

LIFE LESSON: Never Settle Babes in Toyland : A classic fairytale wonderland sets the stage for true love to be battered about a bit before we believe it’s actually possible again. Catching a lucky break by not being thrown into the sea by Barnaby’s henchman Tom comes back as a gypsy woman in order to save his…

Remembering Vintage Christmases

Happy Holiday to all of our Classic Hollywood followers especially our friends just a little south of the North Pole! Copy of Vintage style Christmas Postcard used by permission from Annichen Skåren of the: Al St.John Project Merry Christmas everyone!

Shopping Days

Oops make that 5 more shopping days! Take a break, watch Vera-Ellen in White Christmas to get in the mood for that last minute hectic Christmas shopping crunch.

Newhart Christmas

I know Newhart is slightly outside our usual Classic Hollywood year range, but I couldn’t help myself. It was old, and it was Christmas, so I used it. Newhart was one of those shows on nick at nite when I was in highschool, which I would watch after I got home from ski club- those…

Sharing Christmas

Alan Hale with his Christmas guests, Corporal Wilma Heller, Sergeant Johanna Anderson and Corporal Marguerite Swancutt

Getting through the Holidays

  If you’re feeling bad about the Thanksgiving Feast you just enjoyed, are secretly dreading the cookies for Christmas, and have no idea how you’re going to recover from imbibing on New Years Eve, take a cue from our Curvy Girls in Classic Hollywood. See how our fave glamour girls stayed in shape!    …

Happy Black Friday

  Hello all. In the event that you ‘d rather not leave your house, no doubt still recovering from the Turkey Coma you induced yesterday, check out the Black Friday deals online. And if you want to save big this holiday check out the latest from Huffington Post. Now that the holiday season has officially…

25 Days of a Classic Hollywood Christmas

If you want to watch along as we post and tweet funny lines from our favorite holiday flicks. This is our schedule. December It Happened on Fifth Avenue Meet John Doe White Christmas Christmas Holiday Mickey’s Christmas Carol Christmas in Connecticut Sant… View Post