Heartbeat: Ginger Rogers as a Pick Pocket

If you haven’t gotten a chance to peruse the classic movies on Amazon Prime, I highly recommend it! Hidden there you will find quite a few gems you’ve never seen before,

Summer Under the Stars-Adolphe Menjou

Sometimes he was the good guy but mostly the bad. I always picture him as playing the dapper ‘snidely whiplash’ parts in movies. Can you imagine in 1947 a 26 year old Deanna Durbin’s surprise when the man who played her father in 1937’s 100 Men and a Girl was now at age 57 going…

Jane Wyman

January 5, 1917 ~ September 10, 2007 Brother Rat (1938), The Doughgirls (1944), Pollyanna (1960) Happy Birthday Janie!

The Sheik

TCM’s Silent Sundays gives us access to a plethora of great silent films. The Sheik was the film that propelled Rudolph Valentino into super stardom as the first sex god of the screen. Watching it the other evening, I was reminded by how much was not shown in these old films. Sure, you get some…