If it isn’t one thing it is another, controversy seems to swirl around the ceremony. It’s either ‘Oscar so white’, ‘Oscar so right’ or ‘Performers so political’. This is also the time of year when TCM features 31 Days of Oscar movies. This year they are featuring Oscar winning or nominated film from A to … Continue reading Oscars

TCM Film Festival

Another year another missed TCM Film Festival, Rochellelynn and I are taking the month of April to lament that fact and what better day to challenge ourselves towards making that goal happen for next year but April Fool’s Day. Today’s theme on TCM is Slapstick Comedies. And what better choice to watch on TCM but … Continue reading TCM Film Festival

Miracle on 34th Street

Insanity is a crazy thing, isn’t it? Sometimes you don’t even know you have it until someone lets you know. Luckily, everyone in this film is infected. With little Susan reciting “I believe, I believe, …it’s silly, but I believe”, poor janitor Albert just realizing he had childhood issues with his father, Kris Kringle being … Continue reading Miracle on 34th Street

Happy Birthday Warren Beatty

March 30, 1937 Warren Beatty Splendor in the Grass Warren, smoldering onto the set in ….well, all of that smoulder, had put poor little Natalie Wood into a tough situation. See, she just didn’t have a chance, nor did any other woman in Hollywood after Warren emerged from his cocoon. I hate to say it … Continue reading Happy Birthday Warren Beatty


LIST ONE..... Note: We've watched A LOT of classic Hollywood films. This is my list so far- and no they're not necessarily based on anything even close to "merit." I know annstj will have her own list, so look out for  a LIST TWO. This was prompted by my younger brother asking what "other" old … Continue reading MANDATORY CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD FILM LIST