Top 5 Classic Hollywood Actors You Should Know

These are the men that defined Classic Hollywood and held roles in some of the most popular and influential films. Here you'll get classy, debonair, rugged, wholesome and manly. Cary Grant In 1933 Mae West saw Cary Grant and quickly thrust him into her latest film She Done Him Wrong. You will know Cary Grant, … Continue reading Top 5 Classic Hollywood Actors You Should Know

Joel McCrea

November 5, 1905 ~ October 20, 1990          Joel McCrea       The More the Merrier, The Palm Beach Story Regardless of his own personal opinion about his acting ability Joel McCrea succeeded more than once in being able to impress the right people at the right time.  Will Roger’s took a liking to him and put him in … Continue reading Joel McCrea

Leading Men: William Powell

July 29, 1892 ~ March 5, 1984 ~ Choosing three favorite movies from William Powell’s extensive filmography list is near to impossible because as far as we are concerned all of William Powell’s movies are our favorites. So I’ll list three films that are not shown in the media as much as the more popular ones … Continue reading Leading Men: William Powell

Leading Men: Errol Flynn

  June 20, 1909 ~  October 14, 1959                   Errol Flynn With films in Glorious Technicolor that boasted scores to accompany any Sunday afternoon, Errol Flynn did nothing better than gracing the screen in sprawling films that could take up hours. Dodge City is a classic Errol-Olivia film that boasts all the earmarks of the grand theater … Continue reading Leading Men: Errol Flynn

Leading Men: Robert Preston

June 8, 1918 ~ March 21, 1987                     Robert Preston Robert Preston always had that broad shouldered, tousely hair thing going on, that needless to say just made all the girls swoon. Nevertheless he was married to the same woman for 46 years. *sigh*. A combination of theater, and film gained him more acclaim than most in Hollywood, … Continue reading Leading Men: Robert Preston

Leading Men: Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis June 3, 1925 ~ September  29, 2010 Probably best known, depending on who you are, for his bare-chested slave/tutor role in Spartacus, OR his dead-on Cary Grant impersonation in Some Like it Hot, Tony Curtis made a living being “willing”.  Willing to seduce possible “virgin” Natalie Wood in Sex and the Single Girl … Continue reading Leading Men: Tony Curtis

Leading Men: Laurence Olivier

  May 22, 1907  ~ July 11, 1989                    Laurence Olivier Laurence Olivier hailed from England with more experience than possible in one s lifetime- so needless to say Hollywood scooped him right up, and put him on screen. A master in Shakespeare, Olivier was who Marlon Brando studied when rehearsing his role of Mark Antony in … Continue reading Leading Men: Laurence Olivier

Leading Men: Jimmy Stewart

May 20, 1908 ~ July 2, 1997 Jimmy Stewart Happy Birthday James Stewart! Jimmy brought an element of range to his acting career that we rarely see in actors. In his early career he was cast often as the tall, if not awkward, dashing young man trying to get the girl. The Philadephia Story is … Continue reading Leading Men: Jimmy Stewart