Pillow to Post

A special Birthday shout out for Willie Best one of my favorite character actors. In the 1945 Warner Bros. Romantic Comedy Pillow to Post the world is at war and on the home front in this movie everything is topsy turvy. Ida Lupino’s character Jean Howard wants to help the war effort but has been…

Hedy Lamarr

HAPPY 101st BIRTHDAY! Picture from Come Live with Me ( Hedy Lamarr & Jimmy Stewart)

Baby Peggy ~ Diana Serra Cary

October 26, 1918 The Elephant in the Room documentary about Silent Film star Baby Peggy is a must see for those interested in early film. Diana Serra Cary (Peggy) was eighteen months old when she made her first silent movie. Her father was a stuntman in westerns her mother a sometime extra. Diana was discovered…

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman

Honoring Ingrid Bergman on the  anniversary of her birth ( August 29th) has become a staple in Classic Hollywood reporting. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of this iconic star this year, remembering that she did so much more than just Casablanca.  Able to establish and grow a career before and after children, Ingrid was a motivated…

Jane Wyman

January 5, 1917 ~ September 10, 2007 Brother Rat (1938), The Doughgirls (1944), Pollyanna (1960) Happy Birthday Janie!

Maggie Smith

Happy Birthday Dame Maggie! The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie(1969), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(2001), Downton Abbey(2010-2014)

Joel McCrea

Joel McCrea November 5, 1905 ~ October 20, 1990 Ramrod(1947), Bird of Paradise(1932), Chance at Heaven(1933) Happy Birthday Joel!  

Carole Lombard

October 6, 1908 ~ January 16, 1942 Carole Lombard ~ Supernatural (1933) Happy Birthday Carole!

Happy Birthday MGM

MGM Studios 90th Birthday April 17th/18th tribute on TCM- make sure to watch their lineup. Boy wonder, Irving Thalberg (husband of Norma Shearer), was known for his genius with money. Able to cut costs much to the chagrin of many extravagant directors, Thalberg was able to show Louis B Mayer he was the man for…

Happy Birthday TCM

Celebrating 20 Years April 14th, 1994 ~ Robert Osborne the face of TCM

Happy 90th Birthday Doris Day

It’s a plethora of 90th Birthday celebrations for Doris Day. TCM kicks one off today with 12 fan favorite movies. I would have liked to see three of my favorites though…just because. Julie because it’s not a film shown very often and I haven’t seen it in a long long time. On Moonlight Bay, because…

Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

  Born December 5, 1901 After leaving his failed animation company in Kentucky, Walt Disney made his way to California, determined to start again. Like all people Walt had his share of tries before he finally succeeded. Much like Thomas Edison, he went through some near misses before finally landing Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie….

Christmas Holiday

Who ever thought we’d see a film where Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin get wrapped up in a murder? We’ve written about Christmas Holiday before, but here we just revel in a mysterious Wednesday night flick. And if you’re looking for a double-feature- Deanna deals with murder in Lady on a Trainas well, where you…

Remembering Deanna Durbin

  America’s Sweetheart passed away in the spring of this year at the age of 91 and America barely blinked an eye. Her passing was only a whisper of a blip on the entertainment or news media radar. It isn’t even acknowledged in the Memoriam section on the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences…

Virginia Mayo

November 30, 1920~ January 17, 2005          Virginia Mayo                    The Kid From Brooklyn Virginia Mayo almost lost her chance at Hollywood when Selznick decides she wouldn’t fit into films. Luckily, Goldwyn saw the potential and tried her out in a few small roles. She hit the big time with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and…

Busby Berkeley

November 29, 1895 ~ March 14, 1976        Busby Berkeley                 Footlight Parade King of the musical dance number, Busby Berkeley enjoyed both Broadway and Hollywood. A mentor to Gene Kelly, who later choreographed all his own dances, Berkeley often hid the fact that he never had a dance lesson in his life.  Having the eye and know…

Frances Dee

November 26, 1909 ~ March 6, 2004                        Frances Dee Army Brat Frances Dee, had her breakout role in Playboy of Paris (1930) opposite Maurice Chevalier, but her role in The Silver Cord  would lead her to future husband Joel McCrea, to whom she was married for 57years, until his death in 1990. Dee made a name…

The Uncanny Boris Karloff

November 23, 1887 ~ February 2, 1969        Boris Karloff            How the Grinch Stole Christmas An “icon of horror cinema”, Boris Karloff brought the sinister to every role, even as an animated green hermit in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Joining a touring company because he needed cash, Karloff never intended acting as a career, and wanted…

The Get Girl

November 20, 1920  ~November 6, 1991       Gene Tierney Gene Tierney was unquestionably the “most beautiful woman in movie history”, stated Darryl F. Zanuck, founder of 20th Century Fox, though even the most beautiful have their insecurities. Gene brought an exotic quality to the screen that many latched onto from the start, especially in a very…

The Mad Russian

November 17, 1905 ~ March 5, 1967    Mischa Auer Three Smart Girls, My Man Godfrey, One Hundred Men and a Girl Happy Birthday Mischa Auer!

Girl With the Peek a Boo Hair

November 14, 1922 ~ July 7, 1973 Veronica Lake Sullivan’s Travels, I Married a Witch, So Proudly We Hail Happy Birthday Ronnie!

Claude Rains

November 10, 1889 ~ May 30, 1967          Claude Rains Nominated for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Mr. Skeffington, Casablanca, and Notorious, Claude Rains seemed to get the cream of the crop in movie scripts. He didn’t however have similar luck with women; married six times he sometimes threw things, and often complained of not having…

Mabel Normand

November 9, 1894 ~ February 23, 1930 Mabel Normand Won in a Cupboard(watch for an Uncredited Al St. John during the mayhem), He Did and He Didn’t, Fatty and Mabel A Simple Life Happy Birthday Mabel!

The Original Mad Hatter

November 9, 1886 ~ June 19, 1966         Ed Wynn The Mad-Hatter in Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland, relatively crazy Toy Maker in Babes in Toyland, and the off the wall Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, Ed Wynn earned his nickname The Perfect Fool. Known for his fun voice and whimsical mannerisms Ed was always sure to…

Joel McCrea

November 5, 1905 ~ October 20, 1990          Joel McCrea       The More the Merrier, The Palm Beach Story Regardless of his own personal opinion about his acting ability Joel McCrea succeeded more than once in being able to impress the right people at the right time.  Will Roger’s took a liking to him and put him in…

Burt Lancaster

November 2, 1913 ~ October 20, 1994 Burt Lancaster Separate Tables, The Unforgiven, Judgement at Nuremberg Happy Birthday Burt Lancaster!

Edith Head

October 28, 1897 ~ October 24, 1981 Edith Head ~ Nominated for Costume Design 35 times, received the Oscar for Costume Design 8 times. The Heiress 1949 ~ Received Oscar for Costume Design; A Place in the Sun 1951 ~ Received Oscar for Costume Design; Roman Holiday 1953 ~ Received Oscar for Costume Design Happy…

Teresa Wright

October 27, 1918 ~ March 6, 2005  Teresa Wright the only actor to receive Oscar nominations for their first three films. The Little Foxes 1941 ~ Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Mrs. Minniver  1942~ Received Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Pride of the Yankees 1943 ~ Nominated for Best Actress Happy Birthday Teresa!

Jean Arthur

October 17, 1900 ~ June 19, 1991  Jean Arthur If Only You Could Cook, Easy Living, History is Made at Night Happy Birthday Jean!