They All Kissed the Bride

Joan Crawford tends to be a little strong for my tastes. Thankfully,  Melvyn Douglas softens her up a bit in They All Kissed the Bride. But then maybe “soften” isn’t necessarily the word for it.

Government Girl 1943

There’s nothing like a good drunk scene to really put the cherry on top of a great movie. 

Holiday (1938)

When I saw that Holiday (1938) was included in the TCM Film Festival lineup I was convinced that this would be the Bringing Up Baby comedy of the lot. Also directed by George Cukor this film with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn had the promise of a laugh out loud fun romance with a twist…

Follow Your Heart at the TCM Film Festival 2019

The annual TCM Film Festival runs this year from April 11-14, 2019 in sunny Hollywood, California. If you haven’t gotten your passes yet, grab them here… that is, if they aren’t sold out. Believe it or not this festival draws crowds, featuring a side of sold-out hotel rooms and impossible-to-get flights.This years theme, however, may…

A Christmas Wish and Lots of Prayin’

I love watching old Christmas Movies in the mornings. Especially before Halloween, and before Work. But I had been putting off watching A Christmas Wish for the last three years, so why give in now? I have to say there was some curiosity, but not much expectation for this to actually be a good film….

Hot Saturday (1932)

Hot Saturday is one of those films you need to watch, because it’s the epitome of everything that was wrong with popular culture in the 1930’s. I’m not talking about the film of course, which is spectacular, but instead the mindset that ran rampant across the country in that holier-than-thou fashion we all despise. Here it’s…