TCM Summer Under the Stars

Elizabeth Taylor: What better star to honor on the last day of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars 2017 than Elizabeth Taylor.
My goal this past August on TCM was to find and watch movies I had never seen before. Looking for some I would consider as a keeper (meaning I’d buy them to watch over and over again). I am still working my way through some of these first time movies on TCM Demand. Some of the movies shown I re-watched because I either missed something in the beginning, middle, or end the first time in the past that I had seen the movie way back when on late night television.
There were a few first timers I was definitely impressed by:
Angel Face– Robert Mitchum/Jean Simmons ~ Loved the shocking Noir ending it completely took me by surprise.
The Restless Years-Sandra Dee ~ Pre-code 1950’s movie, Sandra’s character small town High School student Melinda Grant born on the wrong side of the tracks with no father…falling for the new student in town (John Saxon) who is clueless about Melinda’s mother’s past. Teresa Wright is great as the mother. Jody McCrea (Joel’s son) was a surprise as the bully; I was used to seeing him in the role of the beefy brainless hunk in the Beach Party movies.
Romanoff & Juliet-Sandra Dee ~ Peter Ustinov wrote and directed this cold war satire remake of Romeo & Juliet. Sandra Dee is the daughter of U.S. Ambassador in fictional Concordia, John Gavin is the son of the Russian Ambassador in fictional Concordia. Peter Ustinov is the leader of Concordia with an important U.N. vote. This movie reminds me of the need for Ustinov’s type of clever British satire during this centuries political challenges.
The Very Thought of You-Dennis Morgan ~ loved this Warner Bros. soaper especially the 1944 unforgettable song that is the title of the movie. This movie touches on war time on the home front where girls met soldiers on weekend leave, fell in love, got married then waved goodbye at the train station 72 hours later never to hear from the soldier again.. Eleanor Parker plays the girl who had a crush on Dennis years before when he attended college and used to come into the drugstore where she worked at the soda fountain. When they accidentally meet again she recognizes him and sparks fly. Andrea King plays Eleanor’s sister that discourages Eleanor against falling for a soldier; Andrea is married to a sailor that she never hears from Dennis will do the same to Eleanor. I was able to watch two more Warner Bros. Dennis movies that I was impressed with: Wings for the Eagle with Ann Sheridan and God is My Co-Pilot with Andrea King as Dennis’s wife.

Marion Davies day was filled with movies I have never seen before and am working my way through them on TCM Demand, I know all of the controversies about Marion and her show biz alleged no talent and the affair with William Randolph Hearst but one movie I will for sure be watching is the 1927 movie The Red Mill. I’m wondering if hiring Uncle Roscoe Arbuckle as director of The Red Mill might have been a bit of compensation on Marion’s part for the hell the Hearst papers put Roscoe through in 1921/1922.

Last but not least Elizabeth Taylor: I was disappointed that TCM did not show the Taylor/Burton Taming of the Shrew yesterday on Elizabeth’s day(I’m sorry but I LOVE this movie) so guess I will have to catch up with The Sandpiper which I have never seen. The end of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars makes me sad, for me it seems the official end of summer. What have I done new or learned this past summer pertaining to Classic Hollywood??? I have acquired a new social media skill of learning how to Post on Instagram, Rochellelynn participated in TCM Presents: The Master of Suspense: 50 Years of Hitchcock on Canvas Network in June.
What have all of you Classic Hollywood fans done or learned about this past summer pertaining to Classic Hollywood that you would like to share???

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