Personal Property

Personal Property with bombshell Jean Harlow and heartthrob Robert Taylor is slapstick comedy at its best. Enter a jealous fiancee, a slew of money troubles, a girl with a plan and a man who is got a wild card up his sleeve.

Robert Taylor plays Raymond Dabney, a rich playboy who may soon be disinherited. Jean Harlow plays Crystal Wetherby. The two bump into each other at the opera and where Raymond advances, Crystal retreats. He doesn’t have a chance at actually getting close enough to Crystal to woo her. Sure she’s married, but that’s not necessarily stopping him.

Raymond weasels his way into Crystal’s home as a man who has to watch her stuff, since its currently acting as collateral for some very high debts that no one knows about. And since he’s gonna be around her might as well work. She tasks him with being the butler that can help her entertain her fiance ( his brother unbeknownst to him) and other annoying guests.

Jean Harlow does her best comedic word in this film. Her timing is impeccable, her facial expressions spot on. The chemistry between Taylor and Harlow make this film a joy to watch.

Robert Taylor plays the swoon-worthy butler trying to dodge the advances of the guests and the evil eye of his brother. Because you see… Raymond gets to spend the night and protect all that stuff/ collateral… and Crystal’s fiance, his brother Claude, has to go home.

The night proves that feelings are everywhere and they both try to attract the other in their own way.  But alas as with all funny movies, there’s always something that enters to upset the apple cart. In this case we learn that Claude Dabney is really just trying to marry Crystal for the money, and Crystal is trying to marry Claude for the money. Raymond is the only one seeing both sides of the situation here and determined to somehow get Crystal for himself.

How will they figure this one out? Be sure to watch this one. It’s fun and totally worth it.


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