Pillow to Post

A special Birthday shout out for Willie Best one of my favorite character actors.
In the 1945 Warner Bros. Romantic Comedy Pillow to Post the world is at war and on the home front in this movie everything is topsy turvy. Ida Lupino’s character Jean Howard wants to help the war effort but has been turned down by the WACS, the WAVES, the USO, and if her father refuses her offer to help his business by becoming an Oil Well Supply salesman…she could sell those ‘whatchamacallit’ parts as well as any man. How difficult could it be to travel throughout Oil country selling supplies to oil well companies?
After weeks of sleepless nights traveling by train, bus and hoofing it from oil field to oil field Jean has one last chance to make a sale before her father fires her she just needs one good night’s sleep to pull it off. Who knew that the Auto Court she was referred to for that one good night’s sleep was ARMY PERSONNEL- MARRIED COUPLES ONLY-NO CHILDREN.
Willie Best’s character the Auto Court Porter-Lucille explains to Jean that his parents always wanted daughters as she questions his name, explaining that he also has two brothers, Winifred and Emily. Complications arise when Jean has to actually produce the fictitious Army husband, specifically a Lieutenant, to get that longed for uninterrupted night’s sleep. Rounding out the cast in this amusing comedy was: Ruth Donnelly, William Prince, Sydney Greenstreet, Bobby Blake (the reason for the No Children Allowed rule) and one of my other favorite character actors, Stuart Erwin.
At the beginning of their careers Stuart Erwin and Willie Best first worked together in the 1931 movie Up Pops the Devil towards the end of his career in the 1950’s Willie costarred with June and Stuart Irwin on The Trouble with Father one of shows I looked forward to watching on television as a kid.
As usual with Willie’s deadpan impeccable comedic timing he utters the closing line in Pillow to Post:
‘There’s nothing like a wedding to bring two married people together’
Happy Birthday Willie Best!!!

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