Oscar ~ Best Actress 1963

Gregory Peck the Best Actor in the previous year presented the Best Actress Award. The Best Actress nominees for 1963 were: Leslie Caron for The L-Shaped Room, Shirley Maclaine for Irma La Douce, Rachel Roberts for This Sporting Life, Natalie Wood for Love with the Proper Stranger, and Patricia Neal for Hud.
Three out of the five Best Actress nominees were sitting in the audience when Gregory Peck read the names. It took a few seconds for the camera to find Leslie Caron and by the time it did they were reading Shirley Maclaine’s name. Natalie Wood was sitting next to an empty chair (what a time for a potty break) the previous year she attended with Warren Beatty. Carroll Baker sat in front of Natalie and in the film clip Eddie Fisher is seated at the bottom of the screen wearing glasses you can’t see who he is sitting with I’m assuming it wasn’t Elizabeth Taylor and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t Debbie Reynolds who presented the Oscar for Best Documentary Film.
Rachel Roberts the British actress (wife of Rex Harrison at the time) was not in attendance nor was Patricia Neal the recipient of the Best Actress Award for her performance in Hud. Annabella (yes that Annabella ex-wife of Tyrone Power who starred with him in the 1938 movie Suez) accepted the award for Patricia. Annabella’s feet barely touched the floor as she rushed to the stage breathlessly explaining Patricia was at home in England awaiting the birth of her fourth child and received the award with Patricia’s special thanks to Paul Newman and Martin Ritt director of Hud.

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