Top 5 Classic Hollywood Actresses You Should Know

Whether you’re a Classic Hollywood newbie or a devotee of all things  glamourous, vintage Hollywood we’ve gathered our top five actresses from classic movies that you simply must know! These are famous ladies we see on pinterest, sweatshirts, posters and in classic films with familiar names. Here are a few reasons why their legacy still lives on.


Marilyn Monroe

Everyone knows the name. Maybe it was her untimely, tragic and mysterious death. Or the birthday song she sang to JFK. Maybe it was the way she looked or that white dress. Whatever the reason, you know Marilyn Monroe. What you don’t know is that none of those things came even close to telling you how amazing she was as a person and actress. Start with Monkey Business, be sure to watch How to Marry a Millionaire and end with The Prince and the Showgirl – which she co-produced with Lawrence Olivier. Discover her as the comedienne and the smart woman with a sexy façade.

Defining Film: The Seven Year Itch


Audrey Hepburn

Who could forget Audrey staring into the window of Tiffany’s in the long black gown and pearls. Even if you’ve never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s you know this picture. The French ballerina, discovered by Collette would quickly take America by storm as a princess in Roman Holiday, the chauffer’s daughter in Sabrina, and Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. If you’re looking to understand the real Audrey, be sure to watch Two for the Road which led to a little fling with Albert Finney and read about her work with UNICEF.

Defining Film: Breakfast at Tiffanys


Grace Kelly

The most elegant woman on screen. Grace Kelly started as a farm girl and wound up as the real life Princess of Monaco. We know her for her gorgeous blond hair, her goddess figure and a level of class only present in the royal family. Princess Kate Middleton donned a wedding dress inspired by Grace Kelly and helped returned lace to previous glory as our fave wedding fabric.

Defining Film: Rear Window


Elizabeth Taylor

Seven husbands, an unforgettable childhood role in National Velvet and a steamy on again off again affair with Richard Burton that got her banned from the Vatican are reasons to know Elizabeth. Never one to give in or give up she had her own perfume line, fought AIDS with vengeance in honor of her friend Rock Hudson and made dark hair fashionable in a sea of blonde Hollywood starlets.

Defining Film: Cleopatra


Doris Day

Americas Sweetheart, Doris Day played the good girl with a voice. Most known for her rendition of que sera sera in Hitchcock’s The Man who Knew Too Much, Doris often played characters that claimed a monopoly on virtue well past marrying age. She taught women how to be wives, mothers and widows.

Defining Film: Pillow Talk



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