Carrie Fisher Dies @ 60

Carrie Fisher grew up in what some coined a “tumultuous Hollywood home“. As we all know Classic Hollywood drama can definitely take its toll. Carrie was 2 years old when her father, Eddie Fisher left her mother, his wife of 4 years starlet Debbie Reynolds of Singing in the Rain fame, for Elizabeth Taylor. Not that we’re placing blame. Debbie’s presence in Carrie’s life until the end was indicative of their relationship as mother and daughter.


At 13 Carrie would begin the long journey of substance abuse in many forms. At age 19 she would be thrust into the world of Star Wars and all that implied.


A marriage to Paul Simon would last one year. Struggling with life, substance abuse, and incessant worship from adoring Star Wars fans Carrie Fisher would somehow manage to craft a wonderful writing career based in raw and honest memoirs (Wishful Drinking would later become her comedienne act) and write the screenplay for Postcards from the Edge. Her script work can be seen in other 1990’s films like Hook, The Wedding Singer, Sister Act and the tv series, Young Indiana Jones. She would also go on to have a  daughter Billie Lourde, known for Scream Queens and her work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Her recent return to film as the iconic Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be capped off by her appearance as Leia in Star Wars Episode XIII, currently in post production and being released in 2017.


She truly was a remarkable person and I doubt the average humans ability to accomplish what she did in her lifetime, even without a substance abuse.

All our love go out to the Fisher family and friends during this time.


Rest in Peace Carrie. b. October 21 1956 – d. December 27 2017.

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