LUCILLE BALL-TCM Summer Under the Stars

Lucille Ball used to be a favorite entertainer of mine. A former RKO/MGM Girl and President of Desilu Television Productions it was in this capacity that Lucy disappointed me. Allegedly ‘dumping’ RKO movies into Santa Monica Bay after purchasing RKO Studio’s in 1957. (Re: These Amazing Shadows-Special Features: Lost Forever).

I’ve decided my favorite Lucille Ball movie is 20th Century Fox’s 1946 film noir The Dark Corner. This movie was a ‘payback’ movie for Lucille from MGM for her suing them trying to get out of her Contract.

I first watched The Dark Corner on: Movies! a new television channel that play mostly classic 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and Columbia movies. The Dark Corner featured Mark Stevens, Lucille, William Bendix and Clifton Webb. Lucille is pretty good in a dramatic role as the wisecracking secretary to Mark Stevens Detective, considering the stress of making the movie under Henry Hathaway’s direction which led to a nervous breakdown for her.

I love the new Movies! Channel but they were a little too much ‘Joseph Breen’ for me when at the end of The Dark Corner there is a comedic exchange between two policemen about a nude female Donatello Statue that made me LOL.

Movies! Blurred out the female anatomy on the statue…I am curious if TCM will follow suit when The Dark Corner is shown tonight at 8:00 pm est. LMK…

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  1. mikestrong33 says:

    Yeah, Movies had it on this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes, blurring out breasts on a statue which had been fully visible in 1946 when the movie came out.
    That made me go looking for the Donatello statue. I couldn’t find it. I also couldn’t (should say haven’t) found any nude female statues by Donatello. There were various male nudes, including two very famous nude Davids, one bronze and one marble. So I now have to wonder whether the Donatello is really a “Donatello” and an in joke played on the art world, and the rest of us. If so pretty good, and pretty subtle. I haven’t found anything written about it.

    1. annstj says:

      Thank you Mike for the comment. I too tried to find a female nude Donatello (I was going to use a picture of the statue from the movie on the Post) but was unsuccessful. I was also curious if all of the nude’s featured in Dark Corner (which Movies! blurred) was Henry Hathaway’s way of testing the ‘code’. I watched the extra feature Commentary by Alain Silver and James Ursini on The Dark Corner DVD hoping they might mention something about this. They only mentioned Hollywood’s Anti-Art stance. I’m thinking you are correct the statue isn’t really a Donatello and a pretty good inside joke on the part of the movie makers. Movies! Is showing The Dark Corner again at 3:00 a.m. est Sunday morning.

  2. Mick Flaire says:

    That is so funny because I just got through watching The Dark Corner on the Movies! channel and I noticed the blurred out breasts when Mark Stevens character came into the gallery inquiring about purchasing the Donatello and I thought to myself “are you kidding me? They actually blurred out the statue’s breasts!” And it was only until I saw your comment that I saw it again at the end of the movie with the exchange between the two policemen. Really? REALLY!! In 2017? really? The reason that I am even here is because I Googled an inquiry stating “did Movies! really just blur out the breasts on a Donatello statue in the 1946 movie The Dark Corner?”… Yep.

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