Let Us Be Gay

It took me almost 10 minutes to realize that the frumpy wife that looked like Ann B. Davis in this movie was actually Norma Shearer. Of all the Shearer films I’ve watched I am most impressed by Norma’s acting in this film. Norma was pregnant during the filming it’s fun to see the creativity the costume designer used to hide that fact.

The 1930 MGM Pre-Code film ‘Let Us Be Gay’ was based on the successful play written by leading female playwright of the day Rachel Crothers. Rachel and Francis Marion leading female screenwriter of the day collaborated on the script for this film with additional dialog provided by Lucille Newmark.

Rod La Rocque hottie of the day played Norma’s cheating husband perfectly.

I LOL when I heard Norma Singing the: I love you, I love you, I love you… song while she fixed her husband’s Sunday breakfast, since this song was also sung by Stewart Granger to Capucine in the 1960 John Wayne movie North to Alaska.

Marie Dressler TCM Star of the Month whose career was jump started by Francis Marion was fun as the conniving eccentric Mrs. Bouccicault.

Mrs. Brown (Norma) to ex-husband Mr. Brown(Rod):

‘I’m not going back…I’m going on…Let’s be gay about it!’


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