Memorial Day

Over one hundred years ago July 28, 1914 most of the world was at war. One hundred years ago on this Memorial Day the United States had not yet officially entered the war. On this Memorial Day Classic Hollywood would like to remember three Classic award winning movies dealing with this period in our history: WW I.
The Big Parade (1925-MGM) if there was an Academy of Motion Pictures at the time this movie would have been an award winner.

Wings (1927-Paramount) received the Best Picture Oscar.

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930-Universal) received the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. This movie was based on the book written by German author and veteran Erich Maria Remarque that fought for his Fatherland during WW I. What was written over one hundred years ago is still pertinent in our world today.

In remembrance today of this war to end all wars…don’t forget to buy lapel Buddy Poppies from your local Veterans of Foreign Wars. It’s a Classic tradition that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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