All Through the Night

There is a mystery to be solved and retired gangster, professional gambler Humphrey Bogart’s character Gloves Donahue had better solve it because when Ma ‘has a feelin’ Ma has a feelin’.

Warner Brother’s 1942 film All Through the Night deals with: murder, German spies, fifth columnists and Sabotage. It also features some of Warner’s favorite character actors: Barton MacLaine, Jackie C. Gleason, Phil Silvers, Edward Brophy Frank McHugh and William Demarest who does a typical make fun of the enemy by using pig Latin in a spoof with Bogart while stalling for backup from Bogart’s ex-gangster rivals.
To coincide with TCM’s Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood this movie features three German Exiles from that era: Conrad Veidt exiled in 1933, Kaaren Verne exiled in 1938 and Peter Lorre exiled in 1933. Peter Lorre married Kaaren Verne in 1945.

To all the sons and daughter’s out there don’t ferget ta heed yer Ma’s Feelin’s on this special day!

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