Pandora’s Box

OMGoodness…the German Cinema Weimar Era was pretty eye opening especially this G.W. Pabst version of Pandora’s Box, Sex, innuendo, manslaughter and murder are the bottom line in this 1929 German made silent movie featuring American born actress Louise Brooks. Again relying on DVD I am enjoying the Criterion Collection version of Pandora’s Box. Louise Brooks, who knew??? As Lulu she is great at conveying emotions especially scenes with Francis Lederer who is himself pretty easy on the eyes.
This movie is a, pre-pre-code movie; Günther Krampf’s cinematography was great. Stage actor Fritz Kortner’s portrayal of Dr. Lludwig Schõn was reminiscent to me of characters usually played in U.S. movies by Hollywood actor Edward Arnold. There is a lot of reading between the lines in this film and enjoyable comic relief provided by character actor Sig Arno as the Stage Manager. The prosecuting attorney’s speech about Lulu pretty much says it all:
The Greek Gods created a woman; Pandora.
She was beautiful, charming and versed in the art of flattery.
But the God’s also gave her a box containing all the evils of the world.
The heedless woman opened the box and all evil was loosed upon us.

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