Metropolis vs Batman vs Superman

As I sat in the movie theatre a couple of weeks ago watching the DC comic book hero’s on the screen I was impressed at one point by the intentional or unintentional music reference to Gottfried Huppertz soundtrack for the 1926 German Cinematic Masterpiece-Metropolis.
German born Hans Zimmer’s music composition of the Batman vs Superman movie captured the darkness and despair of two once thriving industrialized cities Gotham and Metropolis. The movie was filmed in my hometown of Pontiac and in Detroit Michigan which doubled perfectly as the DC Comics fictional cities.
Gottfried Huppertz soundtrack for the innovative 1926 Metropolis was spot on for Fritz Lang’s vision for the future. When the German new order began in the 1930’s, Fritz Lang like many other’s left Germany for a safer life. Gottfried Huppertz Lang’s friend instead of leaving at Lang’s urging stayed behind in his beloved Berlin. Gottfried Huppertz died in Berlin in 1937 at the age of 50.
Kuddos to TCM for replaying Metropolis tonight as they celebrate German Cinema in the Weimar Era.

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