Hollywood Stars considered for Gone With the Wind

In researching for other posts I found I needed this information and thought it may be intriguing to you to! Take a look at the talent that didn’t get chosen in the 1939 Epic GWTW.

For the Role of Scarlett O Hara

Jean Arthur

Lucille Ball

Tallulah Bankhead

Diana Barrymore

Joan Bennett

Marguerite Churchill

Claudette Colbert

Bette Davis
( Warner Bros. would not loan her for the role. Later gave her Jezebel to make up for it)

Joan Crawford

Frances Dee

Irene Dunne

Paulette Goddard

Jean Harlow

Susan Hayward

Katherine Hepburn

Miriam Hopkins

Carole Lombard

Boots Malloy

Anita Louise

Jo Ann Sayers

Norma Shearer

Lana Turner

For the Role of Dr. Meade

Lionel Barrymore

For the Role of Mammy

Louise Beavers

For the Role of Melanie Hamilton

Jane Bryan

Loretta Young

Maureen O Sullivan

Joan Fontaine

Janet Gaynor
(wouldn’t reduce her salary)

Julie Haydon

Marsha Hunt

Priscilla Lane

Andrea Leeds

Anne Shirley

For the Role of Aunt Pittypat Hamilton

Billie Burke
(Considered too thin)

For the Role of Rhett Butler

Ronald Colman

Gary Cooper

Errol Flynn

Groucho Marx ( Margaret Mitchell’s choice for Rhett)

Basil Rathbone ( Margaret Mitchell’s other choice for Rhett)

For the Role of Ashley Wilkes

Tyrone Power ( Zanuck would not allow them to borrow Power from FOX at the time)

Vincent Price

Randolph Scott

For the Role of Bonnie Blue Butler

Elizabeth Taylor

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