Leonardo DiCaprio~Best Actor 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Best Actor for his performance in the 2015 movie The Revenant.
Last night almost immediately after this was announced at the Oscars TCM Tweeted ‘Classic film fans, which classic actor does DiCaprio remind you of?
My gut response was Joel McCrea…well Joel is always my gut response to anything but after catching up on a few hours’ sleep the first name that popped into my head upon awakening was Gregory Peck. In the looks department not so much but in the acting department yes…five Oscar nominations each for Leo and Gregory, one win each between them for Oscar. Gregory’s win was for his performance as Atticus Finch in the 1963 movie To Kill A Mockingbird.
Both were nominated for one of their first movie roles, Leonardo for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Gregory Peck’s for the 1944 movie Keys of the Kingdom. They were both in their forties when they received their first Oscar. I repeat TCM’s Tweet to Classic Hollywood followers:
‘Classic film fans, which classic actor does DiCaprio remind you of?

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  1. rochellelynn says:

    I go straight to Richard Burton. While Leo does lack the Elizabeth Taylor arm candy… Burton was nominated 7 times without a win. Given his strong performances in some critical films….I was beginning to fear for poor Leo! So glad he finally won:) Here’s to high hopes for additional Oscars in the future.

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