Philip Seymour Hoffman received the Best Actor Oscar in 2005 for his performance in the movie Capote. Of the twenty Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominees for 2005 fifteen were born in the U.S. three from New York, two from Illinois, two from California, one from Connecticut, one from Florida, one Kentucky, one Louisiana, one Montana one from Washington D.C. one born in Puerto Rico, one born in Italy while parents were stationed there. There were three from the UK, one from Australia and one from South Africa.
The Best Actor Recipient/Nominee Academy list was the same as the SAG list except that Terrace Howard is on the Academy list and Russell Crowe is on the SAG list. The Best Supporting Actor List for the Academy is the same except William Hurt is on the Academy List and Don Cheadle was on the SAG List. The Best Actress List was the same except Keira Knightley was on the Academy List and Zhang Ziyi was on the SAG List. The Best Supporting Actress List was the same for the Academy Awards and for the SAG Awards.
Six Degrees to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
In 1997 Philip Seymour Hoffman appeared in Boogie Nights the same movie Leonardo DiCaprio did not appear in because he was appearing in Titanic. On the 2005 Best Actor Nominee List Heath Ledger appeared in the movie Brokeback Mountain with 2005 Best Supporting Actress nominee Michelle Williams, in 2010 Michelle Williams co-starred in the movie Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio. 2005 Best Actor Nominee Joaquin Phoenix appeared in the 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle who did not get a chance to work with Leonardo because of Leo’s decision to work on Titanic. 2005 Best Actor Nominee Terrance Howard is in a soon to be released movie titled Term Life with Actress Hailee Steinfeld. In 2010 Best Actress Nominee Hailee Steinfeld appeared in True Grit with Best Actor Nominee Jeff Bridges. In 1974 Jeff appeared in the movie Thunderbolt & Lightfoot with Clint Eastwood who directed Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2011 movie J. Edgar. 2005 Best Actor Nominee David Strathairn appeared in the 1994 movie The River Wild with Meryl Streep (and Kevin Bacon), In 1996 Meryl appeared with Leonardo in the movie Marvin’s Room.
2005 Best Actress Nominee Judi Dench appeared with Leonardo in the 2011 movie J. Edgar. In 1996 Judi Dench appeared with Kate Winslet in the movie Hamlet, and Iris in 2001.