James Bond through the years


Bond. James Bond

In classic hollywood spirit I indulged in some James Bond Spectre this weekend. Even through the Daniel Craig films, which are said to be the closest representation of Ian Fleming’s true character, it’s the classic hollywood themes I see repeating that I respect most. You can still find the classic James Bond song at the beginning, this year’s Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith, highlighting a very extended length of opening credits! Opening Credits- when was the last time we actually saw those? The idea that James Bond hasn’t changed over the last 50 some years is comforting. Films for the most part have stayed true to the character and franchise standards. I remember particularly when the nudity concern was approached during the Brosnan films the franchise swore against it. in noble fashion. That’s not what Bond is about. Bond, much like Superman, is also not about nudity, or killing just because he can. And I’m not going to get into a debate about the qualities of the various Bond actors, because in truth it’s simply about the character of James Bond. He’s like an English super hero, giving the people something to believe in and sometimes a morality that we’d like to emulate.

Spectre brings a resolve to the Daniel Craig story, and like most bond fanatics I automatically start thinking about the “future of the franchise” and what’s next. Bond, much like Dr. Who, brings with it an expectation of joy for a lifetime so we always get worried when we think that may stop. Some may think 24 films and 53 years of this character. is enough…. well I sure don’t. With director Mendes and Craig both uncommitted for Bond 25, we’ll just have to be happy with what we’ve got right now, which thankfully is 23 films including special features and should last for at least a month Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection with Skyfall [Blu-ray]  ….at least until we get a new dvd set with all 24 films.  Enjoy.