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Kudo’s to TCM for premiering some historic rare live Television appearances of one of Hollywood’s 1950’s classic icon’s: James Dean on September 25th . September 30th will be the 60th Anniversary of Dean’s death. He first appeared opposite Natalie Wood in the General Electric Theater presentation of ‘I’m a Fool’ November 14, 1954. March 30th 1955 they met again to begin filming ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. In June of 1955 when production wrapped up on Rebel James Dean began filming his next movie ‘Giant’. Production for James Dean on Giant wrapped up on September 23, 1955 he died one week later.
The movie ‘East of Eden’ was released in April of 1955. The movie ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ was released October 27, 1955. The movie ‘Giant’ was released November 24, 1956.
James Dean posthumously received two Oscar nominations for Best Actor. One in March of 1956 for his role in the movie ‘East of Eden’, the second nomination he received in March of 1957 for his role in the movie ‘Giant’.
Thank goodness someone in early television thought to preserve on film James Deans performances for us to study sixty plus year’s later.