Summer Under the Stars: Gene Tierney

gene tierney 2
Gene Tierney was unquestionably the “most beautiful woman in movie history”, stated Darryl F. Zanuck, founder of 20th Century Fox, though even the most beautiful have their insecurities. Gene brought an exotic quality to the screen that many latched onto from the start, especially in a very blonde Hollywood in the 40’s. With an overbite, and a high voice, Gene attempted to do what she could to accommodate the beauty requirement of the masses. Much like Rita Hayworth had to have her hairline painfully adjusted, Gene chose to take up smoking to achieve a huskier voice-she would pay the price and later die of emphysema. The nice roster of films to her name included Laura( for which is most known), The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and Son of Fury with Tyrone Power. She could have included Mogambo in that list, but unfortunately had to turn down the role due to pregnancy. Nevertheless, she made her mark on Hollywood, and we’re grateful to her for all her sacrifices though we’re sure she would have still been pretty great in our book, even with the high voice.
(re-post of The Get Girl ~Gene Tierney by Rochellelynn)
To concur with TCM’s ‘Summer of Darkness’ Theme Gene Tierney was also a Noir Girl starring in the color Noir classic film:
Leave Her to Heaven

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