Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Bye Bye Birdie

LIFE LESSON: What is Love & Marriage

Bye Bye Birdie: A must see for any tween or teen in your life. Yes, they will be texting through the entire thing but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Besides, sex kitten Ann Margaret can show them how to get the guy with more class than we see nowadays. It offers a nice introduction to history and how all the cute guys had to go to war, the meaning of being “pinned”  and other critical teen lessons with a broadway soundtrack.

The big lessons though are about Love and Marriage.

Yes, girls can flirt- yes, they can use their looks and cool dance moves to do that. Girls can decide who they want to date– it’s not just the guys decision. When you’re dating one guy you should NOT go kiss another— it’s bad form. It teaches monogamy and what a relationship should look like.

“One boy to laugh with, to joke with, have coke with. One boy, not two or three.”
And lastly it teaches them not to give in to peer pressure! on so many levels.

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