Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: This classic fairytale is a must see and will help them understand many of life’s assumptions, including the entire concept of True Loves kiss.

Also that witches are bad, vanity is bad, and that placing trust in others is never bad ( that huntsman surprised us all). Being kind, sweet, caring and nice to dwarves (and others)  leads you to happy places. If you whistle while you work, life’s not so trying. It can also translate directly to housework— If your kids hate doing dishes or laundry, make them watch this and remind them to be grateful they don’t live with 7 men…who work in mines.)

Something else of note is that Snow White was sung by the 18 year old Adriana Caselotti- an opera singer hand picked by Walt Disney himself. Her voice is very sweet and very high!!! Be ready for the kids to complain– don’t worry they’ll adapt. Besides this film won an Honorary Oscar in 1938 ( along with 7 mini Oscars) and marked the beginning of Animation getting the respect it deserves.




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