Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Pollyanna

LIFE LESSON: Look for the best in all things, and you’ll find it!


Pollyanna: The Glad Game alone can help everyone remember that we need to ( and have the power to) make the best out of all situations. More emotionally intelligent than most grown ups, Pollyanna is brave, respectful, curious and fun. Unfortunately our crazy label-happy society has actually made the word Pollyanna a noun meaning excessively or blindly optimistic person. Sure we all know it’s not the best idea to cover up turmoil with positive thinking, but this isn’t the message Pollyanna touts.

“You must find something in everything to be glad about.”

This is a challenge folks– and one I hope you and your children can take. No chocolate ice cream left? Maybe its your day to discover the joys of pineapple. Stuck in traffic? Look at the awesome radio station you just found. Family crisis? Some people don’t even have families! Be grateful yours has passion enough to get in fights.



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