Classic Films for the Classic Childhood


No matter the age of the children in your life… chances are you’ve noticed some behavior issues you’re not pleased with, are hoping that this hitting other kids (and the dog) thing is just a phase, and praying that the 7 hours a day they spend at school is not a life-scarring experience. Raising kids is tough.. Raising kids in this day and age is tougher. Luckily we can always look to Classic Film to guide us and the children down the right path.

Check out this short, quick and dirty list of 12 must see classic films that will help your child grow up right, and keep you from being committed to the local looney bin.


Three Smart Girls

Babes in Toyland

Mary Poppins

Bye Bye Birdie

The Happiest Millionaire

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

101 Dalmatians

A Little Princess

Wizard of Oz

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The Sound of Music

I’ll link all the posts for the titles here back to this page, as we’ll be posting on these films over the next few weeks. I’m hoping my Light Side posts will balance out AnnStj’s Dark Side posts, since she’s living in the land of Noir at present.

Also know that this is simply a shortlist to the complete we have crafted in our Smart Kids Guide to Classic Hollywood which can be a great start to film education and more so keep an eye out for that, coming soon.




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