TCM Movie Camp 2015


The officially rebranded Essentials Jr. is now TCM Movie Camp , a mini movie summer camp for the kids, and on Sundays at 8pm on TCM.

This lineup goes from June- August and boasts some classics like Steamboat Willie, The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Thief of Baghdad.

With little installments from Disney’s Silly Symphonies, and the new William Joyce short this is definitely a more kid-friendly lineup than we’ve see in years past.

See Full Schedule

I still don’t feel like this is the Classic Films for the Classic Childhood that many of us know or would want to share with current or future children. If you’re like us-movies have helped instruct behavior, life choices, learning right from wrong, even just the proper identification of “cute guy” vs. ” dangerous guy.” All helpful lessons public education doesn’t teach.

We’ll be sharing a quick and dirty list of 12 Classic Films for kids to get you through the summer- coming soon.








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