Speaking of Sandra Dee…

We love Sandra Dee movies but I surely will not miss watching another Tammy movie.

We much prefer her rom coms alongside hubby Bobby Darin to the hillbilly lifestyle.

Tammy and the Doctor (the third and last Tammy movie) finds Grandpaw is still in jail doing time and preaching to the other prisoners. Pete and Tom are nowhere to be found. Mrs. Call Tammy’s elderly rich friend needs a heart operation. And who is the operating physician but MacDonald Carey in his pre-Dr.Tom Horton (1965-1993) role from Days of Our Lives fame. For Tammy’s next crush, enter the tall and lanky kind of looks like his father Peter Fonda. Instead of bully college students there are bully nurses that just don’t get the innocent and wise Tammy. Thank goodness Tammy has nurse-Millie (Alice Pearce – Gladys Kravitz the nosey neighbor from the 1960’s television series Bewitched) to help try to explain the way of hospital life to her. Again it is fun to see actors such as: Margaret Lindsay, Adam West, Mitzi Hoag, and Joan Marshall.
I am sure it is roles like the Tammy roll for Sandra that led to the iconic song from the 1978 hit musical Grease: ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’

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