Tammy Tell Me True

Sandra Dee the new Tammy still at the big house waiting for Pete to finish his schooling. And Pete…well Pete didn’t answer Tammy’s letters, never returned her phone calls just left her wondering what an ‘unlearned shanty boat girl’ would do next. Never one to sit back and feel sorry for herself Tammy hitchhikes back to the shanty boat.
Mulling her situation over with Captain Joe(Cecil Kellaway) it’s decided he will tow the shanty boat down river for Tammy to do the only thing she can do to better herself…attend college.
Seminole College fits the bill; however those college bullies don’t miss a beat in making fun of her early 1800’s speech. Thank goodness hunky Professor Tom (John Gavin) is there to help her through her tribulations in his public speaking class with the wise words ‘you are different, be true to yourself’.
Tammy sets right the lives of: Mrs. Call (Beulah Bondi) her employer, and Miss Jenks (Virginia Grey) the Dean of women and there is that ‘funny feeling she gets in her innards’ whenever John Gavin looks her way. Introducing a new Tammy Song, ‘Tammy Tell me True’ Tammy comes to the conclusion: she never really loved Pete as she receives the kiss from Gavin that she has been puckering up for throughout the movie.


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