Bikini Beach

classic hollywood annette funicella bikini beach   Bikini Beach. What can I say? Annette’s look of contempt here in this picture sums it up. After experiencing the whimsy and presence of a storyline in Beach Party I was saddened to see little of either in Bikini Beach. The good parts: decent beachy scenery, Annette holding strong to her virtue and fashion sense, and Jody McCrea (son of Joel McCrea and just as cute). The bad parts: all the rest of it. The presence of a questionable heart breaker musician- Potato Bug- ( also played by Frankie Avalon) vies for Annette’s affection much to Frankie’s dismay. What’s worse is that Frankie at one point actually impersonates Potato Bug in hopes of finding out Annettes true feelings. The inclusion of a traveling Seniors group, the same biker gang and girl with fringy dress (Candy Johnson) as the first one and the token surf and bar-room brawl scenes really made clear they’ll do anything to keep dodging the real issue— Frankie’s inability to propose!


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