Muscle Beach Party

“You know if there wasn’t music here, this place would be raided!”

Muscle Beach Party follows an Italian Contessa to the Body Builder Stables that pop up on Frankie and Annette’s beach, only to realize that the muscle bound man she had followed there couldn’t hold a candle to the yellow-leather clad Frankie singing in the moonlight? My favorite part? Annette catching them smooching followed by swift slap to Frankie’s face.

The whimsy I so enjoyed in the first Beach Party movie returned in the form of Frankie talking to the viewers, a slimmer Buddy Hackett, Jody McCrea, and Annette sharing her Italian spotlight with the Italian Contessa – because lets face it— almost every other girl in these movies is blonde and half dressed compared to our Miss Funicello.

American International Pictures went on to make 7 of these Beach Films before the craze finally died down.

Interesting tidbits of note:

Annette was inducted into the 1992 class of Disney Legends

Frankie went on to sing as Teen Angel in Grease

And both acted in a series of Skippy Peanut Butter Commercials…..amongst many other spectacular gigs of course.






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