Beach Party

Frankie and Annette played teenagers in the American International Pictures surprise success Beach Party, though neither actually were. Interesting how times have changed! These days while we’re usually aging our young stars up, but back the, they aged them down.

With the plan to run away to a beach house on the horizon Dolores(Annette) adds some protection in the form of every girl and guy she knows who can shack up with them on the beach. The potential of “getting close” to Frankie without being married is too great!

Lucky for her, he acts like most guys and decides to make her jealous as punishment. Enter Robert Cummings- sophisticated and stuffy professor. The professor decides to study the sex crazed teens on the beach and overhears Dolores talking about how she needs love. Suddenly Dolores and the professor are in cahoots and Frankie is jealous.

With Annette keeping her virtue as previous Disney star alive and well, demanding marriage before sex, and Frankie showing the guys that love is worth it… everyone is sure for a fun beach party summer treat.



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