Palm Springs Weekend

As Spring Break time winds down throughout the country we reflect on the 1963 West Coast version of fun in the sun with the Troy Donahue, Stephanie Powers Warner Brothers film Palm Springs Weekend.
The 1963 movie Palm Springs Weekend starred some of the last of the Warner Brothers contract players. Most were popular television alumni that were undoubtedly promised a movie in their contract. A few of the alumni featured: Troy Donahue – Surfside Six, Robert Conrad – Hawaiian Eye, Ty Hardin – Bronco, and Connie Stevens – Hawaiian Eye. The studio’s also had a habit of trying to get their contract players record deals, the most successful from this movie was Connie Stevens.
It is always fun watching child actor Billy Mumy who specialized in playing a parent of the 60’s worst nightmare of a child whether on Twilight Zone, feature movies or Lost in Space.
Character actor Carole Cook as his mother and Jack Weston as the middle age coach pursuing Cook the manager of the motel give the perspective that the adults also need a spring break. The motel taken over by college kids/and wannabe college kids are given strict rules for the establishment from Cook. ‘No cross pollination’ a rule she and Weston find more difficult to live by than the kids. Cook and Weston were also paired in another favorite Warner Brothers movie: The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964).

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