Where the Boys Are

Courtship and Marriage class would never be the same after Dolores Hart’s character Merritt mentions the words Dr. Kinsey and making the statement should college girls play house before marriage? When questioned by the much older lady professor what her answer would be. Merritt answers a profound yes. Before clarifying her answer Merritt is swiftly sent to the Dean’s office. The Dean (female) thinks highly intelligent but academically challenged Merritt ‘might be overly concerned with the problems of sex’ suggesting Merritt take the ten days of Spring Break to contemplate her college career.
Where better to contemplate life and try to study to bring your grades up than Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with 20,000 other students on break. Sun, surf, suds and whether to or not to ‘go all the way’ is the question that this 1960 Joseph Pasternak production makes. Of course making that decision more difficult for Merritt is the suave rich college senior Ryder Smith played by George Hamilton. Yvette Mimieux flawlessly plays Merritt’s naïve impressionable classmate hoping to meet some fine upstanding young men from Harvard or Yale.
Joeseph Pasternak again works his magic by the first time pairing of 5’10” Paula Prentiss with 6’5” Jim Hutton. Pasternak also had a habit of recognizing hidden talent and hired popular singer Connie Francis who did not want to be an actress only wanted to sing to play the comedic relief. Connie is spot on and her song writer, lyricist friends Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield come up with the words and music for the title song that once you start humming can’t get it out of your head.
Where the Boys Are: was the groundbreaker for all of the other beach, break and bikini movies of the 1960’s.

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