Spring Break

Nothing says Spring Break like Elvis and random girls in bikinis. If you’ve been snowed in too long and can’t wait to escape to the sunshine Girl Happy can help you get through the next few weeks. This is my favorite Spring Break movie and my favorite Elvis flick. The Location: Ft. Lauderdale, The Songs: Addicting, The Girl: Shelley Fabares, The Guy: Elvis (of course).
Elvis and backup singers are trying to get out of Chicago and succeed by landing a gig that involves watching the boss’s daughter… while she’s on spring break. Luckily, she’s a nerdy girl, that is until she takes off her cover up.
In a sentence, “How are we gonna keep guys away from that!” Full of slapstick humor, a one track mind Italian exchange student, a stripper, a bombshell, a crazed father and well-meaning friends, this film is sure to have you booking your flight south asap. What I like most about this film though is the Elvis/Shelley chemistry… absolutely lovely. Known as “his favorite leading lady”, Shelly starred in Spinout and Clambake. The latter was a turning point both in Elvis’ personal and professional life, so it’s always interesting to see how they interact in that one as well– and it also includes beaches, and bikinis.
Happy Spring Break!

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